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Asset Management

Our Services

Asset Management's mission is to ensure the success of UC Davis through a proactive cradle to grave lifecycle management of our campus infrastructure and facilities. They provide overall facility condition assessment to over 80,000 maintainable assets throughout campus, develop preventative maintenance programs and manage deferred maintenance needs.

Facility Condition Assessment

  • Up-to-date Deferred Maintenance & Needs backlog
  • Overall facility condition and health analysis
  • Long term planning of required funding

Geographic Information Systems

  • Serves as a shared central resource for information regarding campus land use, buildings, and infrastructure.
  • Self-service access to online information and offers custom mapping and drafting services to campus departments.

Portfolio Management and Preventative Maintenance

  • Develops UC Davis Preventative Maintenance Program to ensure that our valuable assets remain reliable throughout their useful lifetime. 
  • Facility life cycle analysis and planning
  • Performance evaluations against industry standards
  • Deferred maintenance and Asset analytics